About Us

Ilembula School of Nursing, situated in Southern part of Tanzania, is amongst the best nursing institutes in Tanzania. The institute is also recognized byTanzania National Council for Technical Education as a health training institute.The School offers Diploma level programme in the field of nursing


To proceed with advancement to higher level of nursing education programmes that will enhance the students to acquire new global technologies in nursing skills, altitudes and knowledge prior to delivery of appropriate, competitive and quality nursing care.


Strives to have both male and female for high education standard in nursing who will save Tanzanians and the rest of world by providing good nursing care, to ensure a health living to individual families and community at large.

 Aims of the programs

1.To form frexible course that is responsive to dynamic and rapidly changing world of work and thesociety.

II.To provide nursing skills,knowledge and behaviours that is vital to learners and the community.

VIII.Participate in the implementation of the National Health Policy and accompanying Operational Guidelines.

IV.Propagate and promote moral, legal and ethical conduct among nurses and other health workers