Principal of a college is in charge of all matters regarding student’s

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1.   MEALS

For residential students

a)    Meals will be served at the time laid down by the training institution.

b)   Any special meal/diet arrangements shall be granted on medical grounds.

c)    No food shall be taken out of the dining hall, except on special grounds.

d)   Students’ visitors must not be entertained to a meal.

e)    No student is allowed to cook within the hostel rooms.



a)    All students should be in the school premises by 7.00 p.m. on weekdays. Gate passes can be issued by the principal/warden for those who wish to return later than 7.00 p.m.

 On weekends and public holidays, all students must be in the school premises by 9.00 p.m. except by special permission granted by the principal/warden


b)   All lights must be put off by 12 midnight except security lights and in special occations.


c)    Students are obliged to return from leave on time.



Every student must participate fully in sports and institutional activities as laid down by the school authority.



a)    All visitors shall be entertained in the recreation hall only.

b)   Visitors are not allowed to see students during classes, laboratories or wards sessions.

c)    In case a visitor wants to visit and see the school premises, permission must be given by the principal/warden.

d)   Male students are not allowed in the female dormitories/rooms and vice versa.

e)    All visitors must be out of the school premises by 6.00 p.m.

f)     All visitors must be registered in a visitor’s book indicating visitors name, relationship, address, date and time.



Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms and the surroundings. Pasting of newspapers and pictures in rooms is not allowed.



a)    Authorized uniforms must be worn properly by all students when on duty in the hospital, classroom activities and any other official functions as may be deemed necessary.

b)   All students must dress decently, neatly and be clean all the time.

c)    After working hours, students may wear their own decent clothes accepted by the school.

d)   Keeping of beards and whiskers is prohibited.

e)    Female students shall have their hair neatly plaited or combed. Lipstick nails polish or other fancy hairstyles are not allowed during class and clinical hours.

f)     Uniforms shall not be worn outside official/special activities.



a)    Alcohol is not permitted in the school campus except on special occasions with the permission of the authority (principal)

b)   Drunkard’s behavior is not allowed in the school premises, hostel or wards.



No student is allowed to be in possession of or take drugs without a valid prescription from a duly qualified medical practitioner.



Noise is not allowed in the school premises, hostel or hospital. Students are expected to have good manners and behave decently.


a)    All students are responsible for the good care of equipment, furniture and building at the school, hostel and hospital.

b)   All personal electrical equipment must e shown to the principal/warden before using them in the hostel, e.g. Radio, TV, radio cassettes etc. students are not allowed to interfere with electrical fittings.

c)    Students are not allowed to be in possession in the hostel of firearms or any other dangerous weapons.

d)   Any student causing damage carelessly or intentionally will pay any equipment damaged.

e)    Students must pay for lost equipment entrusted under their care.


11.                ILLNESS

a)    All sick students shall report to the warden or class tutor before attending any clinics an must show an authorized sick-sheet, and return it to the principal/warden/tutor.

b)   No student is permitted to approach any doctor for treatment without a sick sheet from the warden unless it is an emergency.

c)    Students shall not decide to stay off duty/class without getting proper permission. Excused duties must be reported to the class tutor/warden or principal.


12.                SMOKING

a)    Students are not allowed to smoke in the hospital/school campus or while on duty.

b)   Students are not allowed to be in possession of any illicid drug.



a)    No student is allowed to commit any criminal offence (offence involving the court-punishable by law) anywhere.

b)   Any student convicted of a criminal offence shall be dismissed forthwith.



14.             ABSENTEESM 

a)   School/Institutional Activities

All students must be present and in time at specific activities of the school and remain present during the whole activity.


b)   Abscondment

Student(s) shall not abscond from school. Student(s) can tender in their resignation to the principal in writing and leave gracefully.


c)   Leave Of Absence

Could be granted on request. However, reasons and address to be given/indicated to the principal in writing.



           The use of abusive or obscene language is not allowed at all times. Possession or displaying/parading of obscene material is prohibited.


          16.                PREGNANCY

a)    Pregnant students shall not be allowed to continue with studies.

b)   No male student shall make a fellow female student pregnant.

c)    A pregnant student should be allowed to join the next possible programme only after notifying the school authority on her being fit to resume studies after delivery.


17.                ADULTERY

          Sex activities in the hostel, campus or hospital premises are prohibited.

         18.                THEFT

          Stealing is prohibited.

         19.                RIOT

          Riot, strikes, boycotts, looting and unlawful demonstrations are prohibited.


          20.                FIGHTING AND ASSAULT

          Fighting or assault is prohibited.


    21.                RELIGIOUS/SOCIAL ACTIVITIES

         Any social or religious function/activity shall have the approval of the principal and shall            not in any way interfere with the school or training premises.

    22.                POLITICAL ACTIVITIES

          Political activities shall not be entertained at the learning and teaching premises.


   23.                TRAVELING

Students are not allowed to travel outside the district in which the training institution is located without special permission from the principal. Students  are not allowed to travel outside Njombe Region without special permission from the principal.


24.                MARRIAGE

Any student wishing to get married can do so as long as he/she abides by the rules and regulations of the institution.


25.                EXAMINATIONS

A student must observe examination regulations.


26.                FORGERY

Forgery is prohibited


Other regulations  


Clinical practice

I.        In order a student to be able to sit for any exam conducted at the school she/he must make sure that practical experience book is completely signed.

II.        Student must have completed five case studies before end of each semester.

III.        Every student will be given “clinical assessment form” which will be handled to mentors/clinical instruction where the student at the end of specific rotation report concerning practice of will be developed and evaluated.

IV.        At the end of each clinical rotation each group must conduct evaluation.

V.        Classroom and practical hours will be counted for every student. Failure to attend classroom or clinical area as planned will lead to disqualification to proceed with next semester.


VI.        Summative evaluation will be conducted for each class at the end of each semester.


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